What chances from XRP to be a driver of growth?
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ripple
47 cents are the current ceiling price of Ripple cryptocurrency in 2019. But many users wait for it is rising to $1 again, then up to $10, and maybe even up to $100.

This is an incredible profit, from a few cents to $ 100. Theoretical capitalization of $10 trillion also seems to be possible, if user do not look back at the cryptocurrency market but look at the volumes of interbank transfers for which the XRP token was created.

But the price of Ripple cryptocurrency stubbornly continues to follow Bitcoin, banks do not hurry to switch to XRP and all dreams about growth must be postponed until better times.

Why does it happen and what can change the situation or has Ripple already lost its chance for world financial domination?
Ripple cryptocurrency news.

There is a joke in network - if the price of XRP does not grow from positive news, it should rise from a negative one. But so far only the first part of this statement remains valid.

For example, recently Vice President American Express Colin O'Flaherty during a public speech confirmed about use of Ripple solution for money transfer of xCurrent. Market did not respond to this event, even media did not replicate to this information. Although before, such news always gave a significant impetus to the rise in the price of Ripple cryptocurrency.

But it doesn't work anymore, what is the reason? It can be assumed that market is growing up and now almost every child has already learned that the Ripple xCurrent service does not use the XRP token in its work. And companies, who use this service can send payments and be partners of Ripple as much as they like, but this does not oblige them to ever begin to work with the XRP coin.

To verify this statement another news came as if specifically. Thailand's leading bank announced about use of XRP cryptocurrency. Please note, it did not pay attention not to a partnership with Ripple, not to the interest of technology, but especially it was confirmed the use of XRP token. Market ignored this news as well. And it's even good, because next day it was launched an official refutation of this statement with a note that the bank does not have any plans to use XRP.
At the end news about the company Ripple or XRP cryptocurrency no longer work.

A new question has appeared: What should happen for a huge growth? Maybe Ripple needs to stop playing in partnerships and just enter to international payment market, for example, through the purchase of a large payment network?
Rumors of buying MoneyGram.

Rumors started to spread through Twitter: Ripple bought MoneyGram, an international money transfer operator.

For reference, MoneyGram is a public American company, founded in 1940. Today it works in 196 countries of the world. But if you look at the stock price, then the best times of MoneyGram were in 2006, and then there was a grand drain and since that time company has not recovered from this blow. Market capitalization is a modest $ 81 million.

Therefore, it is not surprising that MoneyGram was put up for sale and according last year it was almost bought by a subsidiary of the Chinese concern Alibaba, but this transaction was blocked by the US authorities. By the way, if MoneyGram has been sold again, then American regulators also had to give go-ahead.

But this situation did not prevent the promotion of a whole campaign on Twitter that Ripple bought MoneyGram and would soon announce that hot news officially. That all was started with a tweet of XRP cryptocurrency supporter.
He caused a wave of both positive and negative statements. Supporters of Ripple already started loading things into the rocket and were waiting for the countdown to start before the flight to the moon. But their opponents put pressure on the fact that both companies officially did not comment on this news and maybe someone just made a hype, hoping to make money on XRP growth and at the same time on MoneyGram promotions.
Will Ripple go to the moon?

If deal was done, why it was nothing announced about it? It is logical to assume that there is no permission from financial regulators, and Ripple and MoneyGram, as fully official companies, do not want to quarrel with them. They even changed the name of their cryptocurrency Ripple to XRP, and made a bunch of statements that it is in itself and has nothing to do with their business. Which, incidentally, does not prevent them from almost every month withdrawing a billion XRP coins from their accounts and transferring them to unknown wallets. Presumably, these are wholesale to exchanges and banks-partners, as well as to large investors.

Imagine, if transaction was approved and MoneyGram was fully purchased with all branches in 196 countries around the world. What would be next? $100 per coin?

But not so fast, because, apart from the informational reason, there are no direct prerequisites for the growth of XRP. Even if all MoneyGram branches start to process transfers in XRP and sell it to everyone, how much such transactions will be done? Already anyone can send or pay by XRP, but only few people make it. Of course, a scope of adoption will grow significantly and maybe course will exceed $1 against this background, which is generally very good. But for stronger growth and a real parabolic trend, something more is obviously needed.

Why there is so much skepticism? Please, look, Ripple technology is not a revolutionary for the banking sector. The same JPMorgan has already released its token, and the largest Swiss financial holding UBS will soon make same. And already Facebook started to pretend for the rights in mass payment's market of cryptocurrency

Fact, that Ripple was the first to make a token for banks, no longer plays a special role. Large financial corporations of the world can release their token without any problems and make payments using the blockchain. And Ripple actively tries to occupy at least part of this market, but it seems that company will never be only one. By the way, there is a high chance to Ripple to be the leader, but it is needed to be realized.
Let's make a conclusion.

If news about purchase of the MoneyGram payment provider by Ripple will be confirmed and company will start to use XRP fully, a price of this cryptocurrency must grow up. This is not a financial recommendation, just such news seems to grow the XRP value.

We pay your attention if transaction was approved, there is no reason to hide it. So, it is possible to say that rumors in social networks can be truth but may be just some important partnership between two companies was happened, not buying. To cut a long story short Ripple must fight for its growth for a long term, if company wants to go to the moon. But Ripple itself has enough of XRP tokens supply for comfortable life, even by the current price.

We recommend this video if you would like to know the whole story of Ripple:
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