Why do you need stablecoins?
Stablecoin is the bridge to hedge,
low commissions and legality‚Ķ
Why Raido Finance?
Raido Finance is registered in the Republic of Estonia and has the following licenses:

  • Providing a virtual currency wallet service (FRK000354)
  • Operating as a financial institution (FFA000291)
  • Service of trust funds and companies (FIU000266)
  • Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency (FVR000433)

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Why do You need
a stablecoin bridge?
Real provision
EURS is the first euro-pegged digital asset, combining the benefits of the world's second most-traded currency with the transparency, immutability, and efficiency of the blockchain. All EURS stablecoins are provided with real EUR in a bank account on the basis of
1 EURS = 1 EUR within the framework of European legislation. The provision is provided by the issuer, the manager
of Smart Contact - Stasis.
No volatility
Stablecoin is not subject to strong price fluctuations and is always about 1 EUR. Unlike other digital assets, the price of which can fluctuate by 5-10% or more over a short period of time, EURS holds a stable exchange rate. Therefore, to hold a market neutral position, as well as holding EURS funds, is an excellent tool.
Cross-border Instant transactions
EURS allows user to efficiently send money across borders, utilizing the speed and peer-to-peer nature of blockchain transactions while also providing a stable store of value. Whether you're doing payroll for your business or just paying back a friend for coffee, EURS lets you send money instantly with no intermediaries.
What should You do?
It needs several steps:
Sign up on the Raidofinance platform
Verify Your ID and address
Purchase and sale cryptocurrency via stablecoin bridge