How do fraudsters steal cryptocurrency?
Practice shows that any popular services
always attract a huge number of scammers…
Practice shows that any popular goods and services ALWAYS attract a huge number of scammers, especially if they are distributed via the Internet. This is the situation that observed today in the cryptocurrency market. The cost of Bitcoin has already exceeded $8000, and the rush demand for it does not even plan to stop. As a result, even those who have never been associated with financial technologies pay attention to BTC.

The most popular and simple is the scheme of transferring a cryptocurrency to a fund or a private trader when naive users are offered to transfer a certain amount for temporary use in order to receive them several times more in time. Naturally, after receiving the funds, no one returns anything back.

For example, recently a case has occurred in China:

On May 22, the Beijing News newspaper reported that two Chinese over-the-counter (OTC) traders were accused of collecting bitcoins from investors, promising them interest on deposits.

Yi Zhou and Xiang Li urged investors to send their bitcoins to them, promising interest on deposits, and thus received more than 7,000 bitcoins (about $ 54.7 million) from more than 100 investors.

Investors sounded the alarm in April, when they did not receive interest on time.

It is reported that Yi Zhou and Xiang Li won the confidence of investors in the group chat of the WeChat messenger, where traders placed over-the-counter offers for various cryptocurrencies. The Beijing police have already launched a criminal investigation into these individuals, and they are now under arrest.

This type of deception is now being transformed into so-called Bitcoin multipliers - services that, after transferring the minimum number of coins, due to the platform's "uniqueness", multiply and return the cryptocurrency back in a much larger size.

Often, people themselves are looking for multipliers on the Internet. Scammers in such an environment can only convince the "clients" of the reliability of their service and its advantages over other projects, where fraudsters always work.

The number of various risks associated with the loss of digital money abound. All that can be advised to Bitcoin owners and investors of other cryptocurrencies is to be very vigilant. Remember that any very tempting offers in 99% of cases turn out to be fraudulent. It is better to make a choice in favor of the more traditional, but less risky offers that are available on the Internet in large quantities.

Also, when choosing a digital asset, one should pay attention to counterparty licenses, as well as the presence of state control.
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