How to buy bitcoin quick and easy
All about new merchant service
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Digital money is a growing trend in 2019 and more and more people are realizing the need for bitcoin for investment and payments of various services.

As demand for the top 10 cryptocurrencies grow, more and more new services are appearing which saves time by simplifying and reducing fees.

Today we will consider the operation of the Bitcoin in 1 click service and its profitibility.
The functionality of this service is simple and is available on the main page of the website in a separate block (currently available in English).

The service began recently (in the summer of 2019) and has since been offering a service for purchasing the two most popular currencies for fiat money from a bank card. The platform is available in Europe, as well as Russia, the CIS countries and a number of other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Such a wide distribution puts this service on par with services such as CoinMama and Bitmex .

Raido Finance is a regulated exchange, and in addition offers other services through partnership with Stasis where you can purchase a stable cryptocurrency. The presence of partners like CoinLoan on the list gives customers an exclusive advantage in placing stablecoins for receiving passive income from cryptocurrency.

This makes the exchange service a wonderful addition to the wide functionality of this European broker

The purchase price depends on the current market situation. The system itself adapts to the rate and offers a deal at market value.

The exchange also offers a participation scheme in the referral program by simply posting the same block on its website.

The Raido Finance Exchange is registered in the Republic of Estonia and has the following licenses:

• Provision of a virtual currency wallet service (FRK000354)

• Work as a financial institution (FFA000291)

• Serving Trust Funds and Companies (FIU000266)

• The provision of virtual currency exchange services for state currency (FVR000433)

Registration verification for a quick purchase.

To start working with the site, a user must go through the registration and verification procedure. You need to go to the "Sign Up" page and enter an e-mail, after confirming the mail, fill in the Name, Surname, contact phone number. You must also specify a password and then repeat it

The amount of cryptocurrency you can buy depends on the level of verification. The completion of data automatically assigns the first verification level out of four and allows you to make transactions on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies

How to exchange?

You will receive the opportunity to purchase immediately after the administration accepts your documents and issues you the appropriate level. As we wrote earlier, a quick purchase of bitcoin is available on the main page of the site

The service is automated and intuitive. Having found the "Bitcoin in 1 click" block on the main page, enter the number of cryptocurrency you need to buy, click on the "next" button and you will be transferred to a secure page where you specify the payment method (bank card or payment systems), press next and the transaction is completed. If you are authorized on the site and these cards are filled in, the transaction is made in 1 click and additional windows do not appear (this function can be changed in your personal account).
The transfer of purchased coins is done immediately after the payment process is completed and the funds will be received by the buyer as soon as the transaction collects the necessary number of confirmations on the blockchain.

Exchange service commission.

You should also consider the fees that the service charges. Note that there are no additional fees for the service and interest is already included in the price displayed on the site.

Security and support.

Working with payments on the Internet usually implies the use of a securely protected service. The RaidoFinance broker has already earned the trust of users by the security of their site. Using technologies such as Trust Guard, and two-factor identification, the broker protects the funds of its users.

You can contact technical support through groups on social networks or by writing to The Support team will answer you promptly.


• Focus on beginners. There are not a lot of projects on the market that are created with a focus on novice traders and investors. Working with Coinmama should not cause difficulties and users with any level of training will not have any problems with it. Another possible use of the service is for receiving cryptocurrency and subsequently working with it on exchanges that do not support fiat. For example, Polonix or Binance.

• Working with bank cards. One of the advantages of this platform is the work with fiat currencies.